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About the WCS Group

In the Netherlands and Belgium, the WCS Group is one of the leading players in its sector, offering its clients a very diverse range of internationally-oriented communication services.

From copywriting to translation and technical writing; from website development to online marketing – at the WCS Group, we constantly invest and re-invest in the services offered by our subsidiaries. Our main focus is on companies working in communication and PR, documentation, copywriting, translation and interpreting and e-marketing. 

Synergy through versatility

The companies in the WCS Group operate on an independent basis. Each has it own distinct character and specialisations, which enhance the dynamism and diversity of the Group as a whole. This interaction of specialisms, combined with the structured pooling of knowledge and resources by the Group members, creates a unique synergy. At the WCS Group, the whole really is greater than the sum of its parts. Our core values are: Passion, Progress and Professionalism.

Multi-language, multi-channel

International boundaries are becoming increasingly transparent in this digital age where cross-border business is the rule rather than the exception. The WCS Group develops solutions appropriate to the language and culture of your specific target audience. Carefully tailored to your chosen means of communication. Our comprehensive multilingual services, the versatility of our subsidiaries and the consistently high quality of our products and services make the WCS Group the perfect partner for your multilingual communication needs.