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Corporate Social Responsibility

The companies within the WCS Group take responsibility for the social and environmental impact of their business activities.

The WCS Group is convinced that modern corporations must contribute to the development of a sustainable society for current and future generations. We work to create an optimum balance within our operations between People, Planet and Profit.


The WCS Group strives to safeguard the health of its workforce and ensure that they enjoy their work. Our staff are our main capital. We attach a great deal of importance to their personal development and offer ample opportunity for further education, training and social activities. We actively involve our staff in developing and implementing new initiatives, in the area of sustainability, for example.


Our various subsidiaries prefer to hire people who live locally and their offices are easily accessible by bike and public transport. Each of our companies has a state-of-the-art video conferencing system, so that car journeys are kept to the absolute minimum. We work with a virtually paperless office and whenever possible opt for recycled materials. Old IT equipment is made available for reuse and waste is separated as far as possible.


The WCS Group aims for maximum Profit within the parameters of People and Planet. The Group has a long record of outperforming its main competitors, and it invests its operating results in the further growth of the organisation, the personal development of its staff and the on-going optimisation of our operational management with regard to CSR.